Simple Plan

-Simple Plan-

simple plan offers two types of “two-point plan” and “one-point plan”.
Please choose the plan of the contents of your choice.


1-point plan
“Anyway, I want calligraphy”, and “not to stick if the calligraphy”
It will be the low-cost plan is recommended for anyone who wants.
Up to 1 typeface 8 characters
Proposal: 2 points
Modify: to once free ※ 2 onwards, 1,500 yen per character (excluding tax)

2-point plan
“Vertical writing also horizontal also want”, “What you have changed the balance.” “What we change the line”
Please use here of the plan towards that.
Up to 1 typeface 8 character, two points created, it will deliver all.
Both points will be the same typeface. It does not allow you to one point out of two points in another typeface.
Proposal: 3 points
Correction: up to two times free ※ 3 subsequent, one character per 1,500 yen (excluding tax) will take.

Tariff 1 point plan two points plan
Basic charge (up to 1 typeface 8 characters) 10,000 yen 16,000 yen
9 or more characters, 1,500 yen 1,500 yen per character

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