Personal Item

-Personal Item-

1109 welcome board that remains in the mind in works,

Thanksgiving board, naming, we propose an interior statement.

And ~ to precious memories of the welcome board-life

Welcome board, in the waiting room and reception space before the reception begins,
So guests do not get bored, and to increase the expectations for the future begin party,
As guest each other become friends …. Such a caring in shape.
When referred to the name of the two people in calligraphy, over one by one time as happiness of two people it will continue for many years to come
Production is doing.
Why do not you pick up a guest with a nice welcome board of heartwarming calligraphy?

Naming certificate

Children were given with great special feelings “your name”
It is the first gift from your parents, for the first time of meeting with also “character” for the children.
Cherish the thought that has been put in your name,
We will make your “Naming Form” only one in the world.

Thanksgiving board

The feeling of gratitude

Interior Statement

For gifts such as celebrations


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