Order flow

-order flow-


1) Contact and quote ◆ custom-made plan
Commodity content, concept, character content, your applications, or vertical writing or horizontal writing, delivery date, other requests, etc.
please let me know.
In 3 business days, from the mail or telephone with inquiries directly here
It will be your reply of confirmation.

We will inform you the quote and delivery date according to your request contents.

Please feel free to contact us so quote is free.
If you have received consent for quote the contents, the official request
Please send after entering the order form.
However, if that does not fit is absolutely your budget, please let us know your desired budget.
We offer so that it can respond within your budget.
2) If your order ◆ simple plan from here
After entering the order form send! (In 24-hours a day) immediately for ordering the contents of the confirmation
Automatic reply mail reaches. Corrections or changes, please contact as soon as possible.
Inquiry, thank you from the inquiry form.
※ If the production cost is more than 30,000 yen, you will be charged 50% of the production costs.
It will take the payment check after production.

3) production and suggestions
We will work in your proposal number of calligraphy along the plan.
If you have work finished, we will contact you by email.

4) your consideration
Select the work that our love of our customers, please contact us.
If you have any hope of correction, we will ask for your specific request.
※ I ask you to reply with 10 days after Toshimashite time measure of your consideration.
More people in need of your time to thank you for your contact.
※ When you can not satisfied after the suggestions, you will be able to cancel if you can contact us by this point.
In that case, the production costs that had you transfer your before production will be refunded.
(Refund transfer fee will be Please bear.)
In the case of cancellation of ※ However modification re-proposed after, production costs that had you transfer your will not be refunded.
※ Free number of corrections and later takes one character 1,500 yen (excluding tax).
※ You can not cancel after your reply of your OK.

5) Payment of production costs
I would be happy to send you an invoice.
After your bill arrives, thank you transfer within 10 days.
※ your corporation, conform to the date that was agreed in advance if you have Terms of payment date.
6) Delivery
After confirming your payment, we will deliver the data.
I delivered at basically mail.
After that, we will deliver the CD-R to the customer’s wish.
We will respond to your desired data format (ai, jpeg, such as psd file).
※ If the CD-R a (1,000 yen) of your choice and will be cash on delivery. Postage delivery charge. Separately takes.
(Work of the kind we do not .. delivery.)
☆ important certainly please read.
Copyright ○
Copyright will belong to Harada Kazunori, or 1109works.
○ About License
It does not have a use restriction. Come various media,
We use in any tool, please help us to branding.
(If you want to use in TV, movies, games and binding, you have to ask the credit notation.)
Resale and of calligraphy itself, the act and Copyright deforming the act-characters that can disguise it as I wrote it yourself
Acts such as touched it is prohibited.
For original ○
It does not do … delivery of the original, since basically the data delivery.
However, in the case of really hope the original autograph document, please inform us in advance.
Please contact us for details such as the quote.
○ range of production
Suggestions, or change the color of it becomes suggestions of calligraphy body only, but calligraphy
Suggestions by combination or Gurafiku processing and typeface of the personal computer is also possible.
In addition, suggestions of Latin characters (such as the alphabet) is possible.
About ○ delivery
Let us know your desired delivery date in advance, make adjustments so that it can be delivered within the due date, as much as possible
We will correspond.
We would ask that you please contact us as much as possible schedule with a margin.
If you are in a hurry, please contact us by phone.

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