Custom Made

-Custom Made Plan-

… I want to add value to the “Good” brand
And … the best branding the only original brush character by professional
Such is your plan.

Book that has been used, for example, commercial, called (commercial calligraphy design calligraphy),
The traditional calligraphy of style and application, completely different purpose.
Calligraphy plays a iconic role, it can not be represented in the typeface of the personal computer
Since it is possible to express the warmth with a brush, it remains to much memory of people.
Is produced from zero in accordance with the request, we will provide a complete original made-to-order work.

You can combined company logo, store logo, and typeface of the personal computer you can change the color of the calligraphy in such goods logo
Suggestions by graphic processing is also possible.
Welcome board Sunkus board naming refers to the individual customers and interior or the like is in a completely original
We offer.



presence from the concept.
“Want a brush characters that fit your image”, is the plan recommended to those who “you want to select from a variety of typefaces.”
Proposed number: If you do not go the assent of three-point customers, we propose up to a maximum of 5 points.

Estimated rate
※ All prices are excluding tax, data only

Various logo
Store logo 30,000 yen?
Logo 50,000 yen?
Brand logo 30,000 yen?
Corporate philosophy 30,000 yen?
Title 30,000 yen?

Individuals like
Business card 15,000 yen?
Welcome board 25,000 yen?
Naming certificate 20,000 yen?
Thanksgiving board 15,000 yen?
Interior 15,000 yen?

Non-personal like a business card can also be delivered to you framed. ryou
Framed fee will be required separately.
If you would like framed, it will be cash on delivery. Shipping delivery charge is required separately.

Please see here flow from ordering to delivery.

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