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– Encounter and the feelings of the design and calligraphy –

Design calligraphy and is …
To design calligraphy that I put the feelings, wishes
Design calligraphy (it is called commercial calligraphy and brush characters)
Rather than the typical self-expression of the individual motivation as calligraphy
It is that of calligraphy used in such ads that feature also serves as an element of design in calligraphy to write in the brush and brush.

Book that I’ve been in the eye up to it, or even in order to decorate, was a book to learn the technique for drawing clean.
The familiar goods in everyday life, as the product itself is attractive by design calligraphy has been used
I felt “experience, surprise and Inspiration”
The even now I remember clearly.
By and social character, which has been watched almost unconsciously has the design, the traditional culture with the calligraphy fused
It can be sounded in the minds of people beyond the visual information, it will be “living character” and “living design”.
that I think first and foremost is whether is in it is easy to understand for everyone representation.
The thing is likely with the customer’s feelings to be performed without fail.
Through design calligraphy while conscious that it is a book to continue to penetrate to penetrate to the senses
“People live to live” together with our customers the compelling scene as a message that talks about the future
I want to give create.

– Towards the production –
Repeatedly repeatedly thinking, it worked the reasoning to your intention.
The character of the contours along the customers of subtleties to enter the ready to write back to his standing position.
Tool allows you to select to match the character of the image to write.
Brush is also different from those using natural vegetation interesting representation is born.
In terms of the presence or absence of bleeding of the ink was thought consciously
There is also be made to own the corner.
The Serve a sense in the book, about 200 sheets and less when you work
Mostly I write about 500 sheets.
We will finish while gradually harden the image.
When the beginning is not to the representation had consciousness will continue to re-create is also contemplated the allocation.

◆ About hototogisu
Company name limited company United Corporation
(English notation name UNITED CORP.)
Location Yubinbango44-0860 Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture Myodaijihon-cho 1-chome address 5 2
Tel: 0564-66-1414 Fax: 0564-66-1415
Established in June 1996
Representative Representative Director Harada Kazunori
Business content advertising, planning on advertising and printed materials, production, sales
Illustration, planning of commercial design and graphic design, production, sales
Group companies Risupurei Co., Ltd.
Member organizations
Bank Okazakishin’yokinko head office sales department
Aichi Okazaki branch

◆ Privacy

“1109works.” (Hereinafter, referred to as the “Company”) at the time where I am pleased to use our customers,
Your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, such as dealings and information you need to contact us
We will disclose (hereinafter referred to as “personal information” and says).
The Company, the original spirit of the Personal Information Protection Law, will handle personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.
This privacy policy is a promise between you and the Company concerning the handling of personal information we have our disclosure.

1. About personal information purposes
We will be happy the personal information to be used for the following purposes.
1) your name for billing of shipping and price of the commodity to the customer, address, you can use the contact information such as a telephone number.
In order to confirm or contact, etc. 2) of your order and delivery method, your name, address, such as e-mail address
Contact information, the type of goods ordered and quantities, you can use the information, such as the amount billed.
3) In order to make the guidance of the Company conducts campaigns and products and services to our customers, history and which is available, customers of the name,
Address, you can use the contact information such as e-mail address.
4) In order to perform our service improvement, the results of opinion and surveys that were received from customers, and then use and your usage history.
5) requests from our customers, in order to answer to your inquiry, your name, address, such as e-mail address
We will use the contact information.

2. For the management of personal information
The Company manages the personal information with the following system.
1) established internal systems necessary in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and guidelines, and proper handling of personal information from employees
Get to the effect of the oath to be performed.

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